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Translation Feature

All translations of this page do actually redirect back here.

Use an online translation tool if you need it.

This wiki contents are primarily available in Spanish as it is my mother language, and also my target public is composed of third-world, mostly spanish-reading, wannabe computersciencers. I intend to help those poor sould to become better people.

Some sections of this site may, however, support alternate languages depending on the required context. For example, the computer science and dokuwiki support sections are bound to have English translations available some time from now, as this kind of content is intended to be public in a more worldly, tech-savvy context. Miscelanea topics, on the other hand, are most likely bound to support no translation whatsoever, as they are just too miscelaneous to be of practical interest outside my target public.

Translation System

In order to support alternative languages the Translation Plugin for DokuWiki has been set up in this site, with Spanish as the main language and a somewhat sparse, succint selection of languages to be accordingly supported.

The blue/grey boxes you can see on top of each wikipage are part of the translation mechanism, each blue box taking you to an alternative page with the same content in the language indicated by the box, and each grey box indicatng a non-available translation.

Pages that do not include translation boxes whatsoever are intended to support no translation at all (see below).


I have neither the intention, nor the resources — namely time — to support two or more languages, even if one of them is the “so called” lingua franca “English”. There are three main motives behind this:

  • Limited intention: For a start, even though “English” is the lingua franca when it comes to Computer Sciences, I move forward for nt keeping things that way for much longer. English is being used by the US to forward their imperialism agenda, overwhelming the cultural set of poor or competing nations in a way to contribute to the degradation of natural languages, the extinction of ethnic-minority and geographically-isolated languages (such as mapudungun) and therefore to the general loss of culture.
  • DRM: akin to this, the fact that in Third-World Class countries “english” is being used as an economically breaking force, the language itself acts as a DRM mechanism where job positions are held for those whith a “sufficient” level of English and also being pushed inside educatonal systems, forcing both schools and families to pay high prices for “learning material” that is required institutionally, thus effectively forcing the public to pay a license in order to use the language. Neutral languages such as Esperanto, and natural languages in each country, do not have such barriers.
  • Dialectization: When it comes to general topics or anything that does not need to be feed on a minimal levelof depth, English is a language as fragmented as Spanish, if not more. Having to support translation outdating, cultural outcontexting (such as in modisms and lexic-aware jokes) and “dialectization” (application differences between “proper english”, “brooklyn-english” “seattle-english” and “london-english”, for example) of not-very-important articles (such as the miscelanea section), is certainly not my objective.
  • Real globalization: that said, if I were to fully support a second language in my sites (which I'm not saying I would), and I were to have the power to choose such language (which I'm not saying I do), then definitively I would support a more neutral, global and practical language such as Esperanto (which I'm not saying I do).

That's not to say that I can't provide English content. As you're reading this page you can see that my English is at least sufficient, and is orders of magnitude better than the weeny “english” that Hollywood like mediatics are pushing on to us (the Third World) with those Brooklyn negro mafia Eminem junkie “Yo'mama” idioms… Of course I know for you english (and other languages) speakers, Spanish can also be a complicated thing, which is why I purport to provide content in clear Spanish and provide internationalization where it proves useful on the context.

After all, those who are actually interested in my content, be the case they are behind a barrier language, are at least savvy enough to background-tab link to an online translator. If they are not, then either this content is not useful or pactical for them (and they are just script-kiddie level wannabes) or they are looking in the wrong place as my content is provided in a more language-independant way (such as the Photo Gallery under Familia Gatuna).


Do understand what I am actually trying to provide instead to jump in the “contacts” section and throw up an unsubstantiated “critic”; and do make wise use of the Localization Options available on top of each page. If a localization for your language is not provided, most likely online-translation suffices to understand the content.

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