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My self, long ago when I had a job...

My name is Luis Machuca Bezzaza, and I am a fine sample of humankind walking this world since 1982 AC. I live in Temuco, Chile) and work towards several subjects under the umbrella term of “Informatics”. Up to January 2008 I am a CS student at Universidad del Mar who have been so kind to provide this cyberspace, and I have take part in several university projects.

This site in particular fulfills the task of storing and accumulating several subjects under my areas of interest, waiting for them to be correctly categorized some day; at the moment the task is handled by the Dokuwiki CMS software as a content manager.

This site contains information in either Spanish, my primary language and therefore my most proficent one, or Esperanto, a neutral, artificial language intended as a cultural and pedagogic bridge. Information in English will be provided only for those areas that require such language for clear context, such as the computer science section.

The spanish language pages are provided in a gramatically flowing way of writing as much as I can afford. You should use a translation tool of your trust in order to get a relatively good english language equivalent if you do need it.

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