Transparent Headers

This library implements a small set of transparent headers following the style of Standard C++ headers, with the purpose of improving forwards-compatibility towards systems where this library would not be needed (eg.: C++14 compiler if using dynarray).

These headers live in subdirectory cstd/, so this can be added to the compiler's / project's include paths if one wants to make use of these forwarding capabilities.

Note: these transparent headers currently only are tested to work with GCC because of #include_next.

(to be implemented)

Redirects to <algorithm>, brings the names from cxxomfort/algorithms.hpp to std.
(to be implemented)
Redirects to <cassert>, brings the new assert variants support from extras/14-assert.hpp.
cstddef Redirects to <cstddef>, includes nullptr and static_assert capabilities.
forward_list Redirects to forward_list.hpp and brings forward_list to std.
(to be implemented)
Redirects to <iterator>, includes the iterator helper capabilities.
experimental/dynarray Redirects to extras/dynarray.hpp and brings cxxomfort::extras::dynarray to namespace std.
experimental/optional Redirects to extras/optional.hpp and brings cxxomfort::extras::optional to namespace std.