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Parents and children of check-in [d22509b5]

Commit 2018-09-22 - Static Library in the Upload
  • random: Added backport for shuffle_order_engine, knuth_b.
  • random: Fixed subtract_with_carry_engine to compile with MSVC.
  • system_error: Added header with minimum capabilities (errc and error_category).
  • type_traits: Moved decay, underlying_type, common_type to their own headers.
  • cstd: Added <system_error> forwarder header.
  • library: Added static math templates to numericfn (static_{min/max/minmax}, etc).
  • library: Added begin, end members to seq_<>, for interoperability.
  • library: Moved non-std functions from cxxomfort::tuple to this set (tuple_pop etc).
  • library: Moved sequence utilities (seq_, etc) to library namespace.
  • library: Moved array_ref from extras.
  • impl/metaprogramming.hpp: Added compose, make_and, make_or.
  • docs: Added lots of comment blocks in the hopes of setting up Doxygen documentation for the future.
check-in: 2f656bdc user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-08-21 - Minmax: Min corrections and Max namespacing
  • config: Introduced namespace 'library' for cxxomfort library extensions.
  • config: Added detection of old-style <functional> binders in preparation for C++20.
  • config: Fixed detection of features in GCC (typeof, enable_if, etc).
  • algorithm: Fixed move minmax, minmax_element to their own header.
  • iterator: Fixed size to be moved to own file and re-implemented as per C++17 std::size.
  • type_traits: Added std::endian support (but unused in this release).
  • type_traits: Added std::bool_constant support.
  • type_traits: Added std::type_identity support.
  • library: Fixed namespacing for CXXO_FOREACH, I12N, variadic to_string, type_name utils, typesafe enum (minor).
  • tags: Updated with library string, algorithm functions.
check-in: d22509b5 user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-08-17 - Corrections for MSVC 2010/2012 compat.
  • config: Fixed detection of MSVC 2010, 2012 features.
  • random: Fixed C++03 feature renames that are for GCC only.
  • string: Fixed missing strto(u)ll in MSVC 2010,2012 fixed.
  • string: Fixed to_string for MSVC 2012.
  • string: Fixed to_string, strtoull overloads for MSVC 2012.
  • type_traits: Added enable_if, conditional moved to their own file and fixed for C++03 support.
  • library: string: Fixed utf8chr function calls.
  • extras: array_ref: Fixed the fixed_vector constructor.
  • Upcoming Changes:
  • Changes to <functional>: functors.
  • Changes to <type_traits>: minimal TR1.
  • Additions to <cstddef>: user defined literals.
  • Additions to <functional>: not_fn.
  • Additions to cstd: <optional>.
  • Additions to cstd: <variant>.
  • Additions to <library/random>: distributor wrappers.
  • Additions to <library/string>: strsprintf.
check-in: 6fe18ebc user: luismachuca tags: trunk