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Commit 2020-01-13 - The “don't ask me for documentation fixes, I don't have 2020 vision” release.
  • cxxomfort: Added detection of Clang 4.x with some features.
  • cxxomfort: CXXOMFORT_VERSION now copies CXXOMFORT_DATE.
  • config: Slightly improved detection of Clang __has_extension.
  • algorithm: Fixed any_of returning always true (Fixes: [98efdadf5b]).
  • functional: Fixed missing connection of documentation for heterogeneous functors.
  • iterator: Defined and documented the behaviour of fix:is_contiguous_access_iterator for "checked" iterators.
  • limits: Fixed missing documentation for integral_limits.
  • memory: Fixed documentation for the to_bool fixes.
  • system_error: Fixed Doxygen marking for the category functions.
  • library:functional: Fixed missing connection of documentation for heterogeneous functors.
  • library:iterator: Added at_or() adapter.
  • library:tuple: Fixed missing Doxygen marking for tuple_pop, tuple_shift.
  • library:utility: Added valcmp (also in library:algorithm).
  • library:array_ref: Fixed constructors in accordance to n3334.
  • library:function_ref: Added support for 3, 4, 5-args functions.
  • library:typesafe_enum: Corrected default constructor as per [expr.type.conv] and .
  • tags: Added tags for new features in library:functional.
  • tags: Updated cxxomfort tags for new fix / assists.
  • tags: Removed references to CXXOMFORT_VERSION.
  • doc: Updated autogenerated documentation.
  • LICENSE: Now reflects year 2020.
This release marks the opening of (pre-)releases to be marked with the 'y2020' tag.
Leaf check-in: 4817fec6 user: luismachuca tags: gcc_min_404, msvc_min_1500, clang_min_303, release, y2020
Commit 2019-11-11 - .at() the end of year _or close.
  • cxxomfort: CXXOMFORT_CXX_EMULATION now returns >=2007 for C++98/03 mode with TR1, where possible.
  • cxxomfort: library is now **not** included autimatically. It must be included explicitly even with cxxomfort.hpp.
  • algorithm: Added count, count_if from C++20 (fixes: [ac8af64591]).
  • algorithm: Tentatively marking find, count algorithms as constexpr for C++14.
  • array: Fixed a wrong call to lexicographical_compare in pre-TR1 implementation.
  • iterator: Added contiguous_iterator_tag. Note that pre-C++17 Standard code would not know how to use it.
  • iterator: Added make_reverse_iterator from C++14.
  • random: Fixed a missing cxxomfort::fix in certain compilers in C++11 mode (enhances: [5ba7743db6] Clang-4.x support, GCC-6.x support).
  • string_view: Added .at_or().
  • library:array_ref: Added .at_or().
  • library:fixed_vector: Added .at_or().
  • library:fixed_vector: Made size, empty accessors constexpr.
  • library:tuple: Implemented variadic versions of tuple_shift, tuple_pop.
  • library:utility: Added make_simple_pair.
check-in: 1dfa7ad4 user: luismachuca tags: trunk, y2019, gcc_min_404, clang_min_302, gcc_max_600
Commit 2019-08-28 - MSVC and the End of <time.h>s as we Know It™
  • config: Fixed namespace placement of ere-TR1 features in MSVC 2010, 2012 (enhances: [70b70d8017]).
  • ctime: Added header with backports for timespec_get.
  • algorithm: Moved copy_if_not out of std and into its proper location in supplement.
  • algorithm: Documentation of algorithms now points to the corresponding cppreference page.
  • ios: Added header, with backport of C++11 io_errc.
  • ios: Added missing left,right manips to ios in OpenWatcom (enhances: [b8ea55b791]).
  • memory: Fixed to_bool of shared_ptr when the latter is unavailable (enhances: [11f57a70cf]).
  • numeric: Added midpoint, from C++20.
  • string_view: Fixed implementation to not use inheritance.
  • string_view: Fixed an issue where it did not include the correct <system_error> implementation.
  • typeindex: Removed a warning of conversion to bool when in MSVC.
  • type_traits: Fixed is_base_of for Clang 2.8, 3.0 (enhances: [1cbdc0b48d]).
  • library:string: ifdef-out the header for pre-C++1997 mode.
  • library:string: Partially extended support for variadic to_string.
  • library:utility: ifdef-out the header for pre-C++1997 mode.
  • library:typesafe_enum: Now default-constructs to 0 to emulate enum class behaviour.
  • tags: Updated with new information on macros.
check-in: 44499e7b user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2019-08-25 - Looking for a more independent solution.
  • cxxomfort: Warning: this commit breaks for Clang.
  • cxxomfort: Renamed CXXO_COMPILER_SUPPORT_cstd_... to CXXO_CXXSTDHEADER_... .
  • cxxomfort: Reworked some macros related to TR1 and its headers/namespaces to be more uniform.
  • cxxomfort: Taken the first steps in removing the need for a TR1 forwarder, with <array>.
  • array: Fixed detecting an <array> that is not there in MSVC 2005 (enhances: [11f57a70cf]).
  • array: Testing removal of requirement for a TR1 forwarder in the header.
  • cerrno: Added header, with definitions of some later POSIX error code macros for MSVC (enhances: [11f57a70cf]).
  • functional: Fixed visibility of (tr1::)hash when in GCC/Clang with TR1.
  • functional: Added baseline implementations for reference_wrapper, hash when before C++03.
  • random: Fixed detecting a <random> that is not there in MSVC 2005 (enhances: [11f57a70cf]).
  • random: Testing removal of requirement for a TR1 forwarder in the header.
  • type_traits: Testing ability to fake some intrinsics for is_enum, et al, in OpenWatcom (enhances: [b8ea55b791]).
  • system_error: Removed a warning of conversion to bool when in MSVC.
  • utility: Fixed make_integer_sequence et al, to use C++11 using... = where appropriate.
  • library:array_ref: Made def-ctor trivial in C++11 and do the "right thing" in <C++11.
check-in: deb47099 user: luismachuca tags: trunk, msvc_max_1700, pre-release, y2019, gcc_min_404, msvc_min_1599