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7 descendants of [d22509b5]

Commit 2018-11-25 - Heading on, hashing out the future. Preparation for large-scale project changes (2/3).
  • cxxomfort: Added implementation of std::type_index.
  • cstd: Added minimal <typeindex>.
  • functional: Fixed CXXO_IMPLEMENTS_ flag for heterogeneous functors impl (n3421).
  • iterator: Moved cbegin, cend out of base and marked as backports (C++14).
  • iterator: Moved rbegin, rend out of base and marked as backports (C++14).
  • memory: Added missing == nullptr relationals for unique_ptr, to match cppreference.
  • memory: Fixed emplace construct() (move emulation) for allocator_traits, still pending fixes for std::allocator<> support.
  • memory: Fixed hash<> specialization for unique_ptr (C++11).
  • string: Added hash<> specialization for basic_string (C++11).
  • type_index: Added implementation.
  • type_traits: Fixed is_nothrow..., is_trivially... traits in GCC <= 4.6.
  • type_traits: Fixed ...destructible traits in GCC == 4.7.
  • type_traits: Fixed is_final, is_standard_layout for GCC (C++03).
  • utility: Added in_place, in_place_t, etc... (C++17).
  • library: Added strict_type.
  • library: Added string_cast.
Leaf check-in: 7bcaa7ae user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-11-11 - Heading on. Preparation for large-scale project changes (1/3).
  • cxxomfort: Fixed add version VERSION.txt which was removed prematurely.
check-in: 746b62a9 user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-11-11 - Heading on. Preparation for large-scale project changes (1/3).
  • cxxomfort: Fixed compilerid flag for MSVC now uses full _MSC_VER number.
  • cxxomfort: Added more comments for automatic documentation.
  • forward_list: Fixed two member initialization order warnings.
  • string: Added missing overloads for integral types short, long.
  • library: All header files renamed to follow the same naming schema as the C++ Standard headers. The old headers are deprecated.
  • library: Added absdistance as an unsigned complement to std::distance.
check-in: ff912e65 user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-11-04 - Fixed repetitions fixed.
  • type_traits: Fixed double definition of is_trivially_ traits.
  • library: Added helper functions arrayref, carrayref.
  • library: Added functions to string: explode, string_replace.
  • TBA: is_constructible.
  • TBA: Moved is_trivially_ , is_noexcept_ traits to a new header.
check-in: 8b94690a user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-10-21 - Doxygening the Way.
  • cxxomfort: Added more documentation blocks for building doxygen docs.
  • cxxomfort: Added documentation macros for supported features (CXXOMFORT_IMPLEMENTS_x)
  • cxxomfort: Fixed `explicit_cast` to not define away in C++11, as that breaks using it in a function call.
  • config: Renamed compiler variables CXXOMFORT_COMPILER_VALUE_x to CXXO_COMPILERID_x
  • config: Renamed cxxomfort variables CXXO_BACKPORT, etc... to CXXO_IMPLSTATUS_x .
  • cstd: Added missing transparent headers for <string>, <memory>, <random>, <numeric>.
  • cstddef: Added `max_align_t` when in C++03 mode (and for MSVC in general).
  • cstddef: Fixed assignments and declarations for std::byte to be closer to C++17, via to_byte.
  • functional: Fixed support for adding bit_and, etc in MSVC 2008.
  • memory: Fixed detection of pointer_traits, allocator_traits in MSVC.
  • memory: Added `destroy_at`, destroy functions from C++17.
  • type_traits: Added enum class backport of std::byte for C++11/14.
  • type_traits: Added C++14 is_final (via intrinsic or false) .
  • type_traits: Improved detection of C++11 is_... traits in MSVC 2010, 2012, some tests still pending.
  • library: Renamed algorithmfn to algorithm.
  • library: Renamed numericfn to numeric.
  • library: Added copy_leftmost_n, copy_rightmost_n to algorithms.
  • library: Added type_traits supplements.
  • library: Added to numeric: `to_signed`, `to_unsigned`.
  • library: Changed implementation of `byte` to perform stricter construction in C++03 and to use native enum class in C++14.
  • library: Added CXXO_GENERATE_RELATIONALS for generating relational operators.

This is a relatively large commit in terms of code changes limited to mostly type_traits related functionality. It also provides better material to construct doxygen documentation.

An important breaking change is that now cxxomfort::cxxostd::byte is no longer constructible from unsigned char; instead, it must always be constructed via to_byte, in line with both C++17 and a number of implementations. check-in: bfec01f8 user: luismachuca tags: trunk

Commit 2018-09-23 - Avoid decay (but not std::decay)
  • config: Fixed detection of MSVC 2008 (wrong version minor).
  • random: Fixed a bug reintroducing the c++03 renames in GCC c++0x mode.
  • type_traits: Fixed an introduced bug in GCC c++0x mode with std::decay already declared.
  • tags: More readability on CXXO_(feature) tags.
check-in: 96a39395 user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-09-22 - Static Library in the Upload
  • random: Added backport for shuffle_order_engine, knuth_b.
  • random: Fixed subtract_with_carry_engine to compile with MSVC.
  • system_error: Added header with minimum capabilities (errc and error_category).
  • type_traits: Moved decay, underlying_type, common_type to their own headers.
  • cstd: Added <system_error> forwarder header.
  • library: Added static math templates to numericfn (static_{min/max/minmax}, etc).
  • library: Added begin, end members to seq_<>, for interoperability.
  • library: Moved non-std functions from cxxomfort::tuple to this set (tuple_pop etc).
  • library: Moved sequence utilities (seq_, etc) to library namespace.
  • library: Moved array_ref from extras.
  • impl/metaprogramming.hpp: Added compose, make_and, make_or.
  • docs: Added lots of comment blocks in the hopes of setting up Doxygen documentation for the future.
check-in: 2f656bdc user: luismachuca tags: trunk
Commit 2018-08-21 - Minmax: Min corrections and Max namespacing
  • config: Introduced namespace 'library' for cxxomfort library extensions.
  • config: Added detection of old-style <functional> binders in preparation for C++20.
  • config: Fixed detection of features in GCC (typeof, enable_if, etc).
  • algorithm: Fixed move minmax, minmax_element to their own header.
  • iterator: Fixed size to be moved to own file and re-implemented as per C++17 std::size.
  • type_traits: Added std::endian support (but unused in this release).
  • type_traits: Added std::bool_constant support.
  • type_traits: Added std::type_identity support.
  • library: Fixed namespacing for CXXO_FOREACH, I12N, variadic to_string, type_name utils, typesafe enum (minor).
  • tags: Updated with library string, algorithm functions.
check-in: d22509b5 user: luismachuca tags: trunk