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Artifact ID: db1917deaa0ec0ff8a04b0faf100a70b99b5a633
Page Name:Transparent Headers
Date: 2017-12-22 18:45:35
Original User: luismachuca
Parent: d90d6a241c2d3fca1ab5e04b52ab28f4400cfca6

Transparent Headers

This library implements a small set of transparent headers following the style of Standard C++ headers, with the purpose of improving forwards-compatibility towards systems where this library would not be needed (eg.: C++14 compiler if using dynarray).

These headers live in subdirectory cxxomfort/cstd/, so this can be added to the compiler's / project's include paths if one wants to make use of this forwarding.

Note: these transparent headers currently only are tested to work with GCC because of #include_next.

  • <algorithm>
  • <cstddef>
  • <cstdint>
  • <functional>
  • <iterator>
  • <forward_list>
  • <random>
  • <utility>
  • <experimental/array_ref> - adds support for Extras/array_ref.
  • <experimental/dynarray> - adds support for Extras/optional.
  • <experimental/memory> - adds support for std::observer_ptr.
  • <experimental/optional> - adds support for optional.