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Progress Tracking for MSVC (2005, 2008 no SP1)
User & Date: luismachuca 2019-08-24 22:56:23

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    MSVC previous to 2008 SP1 is not supported as it lacks TR1. See /wiki?name=Per-Compiler+Notes#notes-msvc.

    As per the intent of the cxxomfort library, there's no good reasoning to extend support to those versions, still, testing that at least the basic cxxomfort facilities work is a good indicator of what things need to be changed or checked in the code.

    In the event that it is feasible to support some features in MSVC 2005, the minimum set that should be aimed for is:

     * nullptr
     * static_assert
     * explicit_cast
     * basic pre-C++11 features in <algorithm>
     * basic pre-C++11 features in <string>
     * <functional> binders
     * TR1: array
     * TR1: reference_wrapper
     * TR1: hash
     * TR1: basic type_traits
     * TR1: integer type typedefs
     * <algorithm> extensions to std::equal, std::mismatch from C++14
     * <iterator> helpers from C++11, C++14
     * <system_error> std::errc, std::error_code emulation from C++11
     * std::byte emulation from C++17
     * fixed_vector
     * foreach emulation
     * i12n
     * integral_limits
     * variadic to_string
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