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Date: 2020-02-24 15:28:29
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General configuration procedure

  1. Take a look at the Per-Compiler Notes for your specific compiler.
  2. Add the cxxomfort/ path to your compiler/project's #include path.

Configuring GCC

To add the path to a compile command, use the -I or -isystem switches:

g++ [...options] -I /path/to/include/cxxomfort/ [...sources]

In C++03 mode only:

Users of versions previous to 2020-01-01 need to add a TR1 forwarder. Add to the compiler search path the path to the TR1 forwarder before the path to cxxomfort. See Per-Compiler Notes#notes-gcc for more information.

Configuring with clang

Use the -I switch to add to the compiler path:

clang [...options] -I /path/to/include/cxxomfort/ [...sources]

For the most part this will be setup and work exactly as it does in GCC; including, for users before 2020-01-01, to set up a TR1 forwarder in C++03 mode.

As of latest 2018 release, Clang is only supported with the stdlib Standard Library implementation; libc++ (eg.: "clang-libc++) is not supported.

Configuring with MSVC

Use the -I switch to add to the compiler path:

cl.exe [...options] -I /path/to/include/cxxomfort/ [...sources]

stdint.h and inttypes.h

If your version of MSVC comes without <stdint.h> and or <inttypes.h>(such as the Express version of MSVC 2008), you can simply download them from somewhere and add their path to the compiler/project's search paths.

  • Copy one of the various alternative stdint.h sources like the ones described here or here.
  • Download the "portable stdint.h" described here (pstdint.h) and save it as stdint.h.
  • Copy the version of pstdint.h already included in cxxomfort (under cxxomfort/impl/pstdint.h).

MSVC 2008

Depending on the version of MSVC 2008 being used, support given by cxxomfort is conditioned. See Per-Compiler Notes#notes-msvc for more information.