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Page Name:Implementation Status
Date: 2018-11-13 02:40:58
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This page lists the features in the C++ Standard that are backported or emulated by the cxxomfort library, as well as the submitted Proposals (nxxxx, pxxxry) that "didn't make it" but are still brought to the library as supplementals.

Last Updated Nov 2018.

  • Each feature is identified by its common description (eg.: "get<type> for tuples") or by the proposal document that was used to source the implementation in the form of "nxxxx" (if possible with a link to the document in question).
  • The implementation status of some features are indicated in parenthesis - "Backport" or "Emulation".
  • Some of the elements are also linked to external implementation or documentation pages such as the ones in the cppreference wiki.

In the cxxomfort code, the files implementing such features are identified by a list of all the features as well as the implementation status can be found by using the following command to find all macros of the form CXXOMFORT_IMPLEMENTS_:

# First version: lists only nxxxx and pxxxxry codes:
egrep -hEro  'CXXOMFORT_IMPLEMENTS_[nlp][0-9][a-z0-9_]+' | sort | uniq
# Second version: lists the codes, and the names describing the features:
egrep -hEro  'CXXOMFORT_IMPLEMENTS_[a-z0-9_]+' | sort | uniq

(yes, the "hero" is intentional)

For comparison, the listing of all proposals ever is found at .

C++11 features

C++14 features

C++17 features

C++20 features

C++ Proposals

Proposals for C++11 / C++14 that are not yet made into the Standard but are offered by cxxomfort (See also Features/Extras):

Left for associate libraries to handle