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cxxcomfort Library for C++

C++ backports of the nifty utilities from C++11 and onwards
by Luis Machuca Bezzaza

Cxxomfort is a small, header-only library that backports features from more recent C++ Standards to previous ones, for example C++11 features are backported to C++03.

It was written to facilitate my working with the evolving C++ standard as I was getting back into the language, but it evolved to fulfill a more general purpose. 

It is intended to reduce the amount and stress of code rewrite while at the same time assisting in backwards and forwards portability of code.


Check the repository's web interface -

It includes code samples and a listing of Nxxxx proposals or features of C++11, C++14, C++1y that are added to this library.


The overall installation procedure is as simple as this:

* clone repo
* open repo
* add the internal 'cxxomfort/' path to your compiler's #include settings


Check the repository's web page as well as the 
C++ Reference wiki for information of various features that this 
library can provide:

* cxxomfort --
* C++ Reference --


Among other implemented features, the following can be found:

* nullptr (C++11)
* static_assert (C++11)
* unique_ptr (C++11)
* declval (C++11)
* four-argument equal, mismatch (C++14)
* transparent functors like plus<void> (C++14)
* get<type>(std::tuple) (C++14)
* as_const (C++17)
* observer_ptr (C++17)
* foreach emulation
* brace initialization for containers emulation

More information is available at the official website.


Read LICENSE.txt