cxxomfort  rel.88
Simple backports for C++
Cxxomfort Backport Tools for C++.

Cxxomfort is a small, header-only library that backports nifty features and goodies from C++11 and later versions to previous versions such as C++03, as well as featuring some proposals still in the works. It was written to facilitate working with the evolving C++ Standard when I was coming back to the language during the C++11 transition, as well as reduce stress of code rewrite while at the same time assisting in backwards and forwards portability.

This is a help page compiled from the official cxxomfort sources, built using Doxygen. Information on features and usage of cxxomfort is available at the repository's page:

Library Configuration Macros - Informative Variables
Basic features Base Features (automatically included)repo
#include <cxxomfort/base.hpp>
nullptr , static_assert , explicit_cast , move / rvalue-reference emulation , iterator accessors
Backports & Standard C++ cxx03-backportscxx11-backportscxx14-backportscxx17-backportscxx20-backports
Transparent Headers
#include <cxxomfort/backports.hpp>
<cstddef> - <cstdint> - <cstdio> - <cuchar>
<algorithm> - <functional> - <iterator> - <numeric> - <string> - <string_view>
<limits> - <memory> - <tuple> - <utility>
<type_traits> - <typeindex>
<array> - <forward_list>
<random> - <system_error>
Supplements Library SupplementsrepoExtra Projects
#include <cxxomfort/library.hpp>
#array_ref - #i12n - #fixed_vector - foreach emulation - typesafe enum
Installation and Usage
Installation Configuration Usage Implementation Status

Licensing Terms

This library is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. Check LICENSE.txt for more information.